Box 1363, Moab, UT 84532 – 435-259-7733 – Toll-Free 866-202-1847

Moab, Utah – UWRF Destination 2015 from Wright Xang Films on Vimeo.


“The organization and leadership is outstanding! Mike and Tamsin are amazing. So knowledgeable and prepared Things always ran so smoothly, even with a group of twelve.” Courtney, Bloomfield, KY

“I’m grateful for the hard work and effort you put into making our experience a great one. The way you make our lives simple and our time worthwhile is amazing to me. The positive, giving spirit that you put into your work is something I hope to emulate in my future.” Jonah, Missoula, MT

“We are all truly indebted to you for the program you bring not only to the Plateau, but to all the people who come to help with the restoration. It is a beautiful example of hands-on, educational experience working to promote understanding, a sense of responsibility, and of ownership to the cause” Megan, Wild Rockies Field Institute, MT

“The leadership and organization was excellent. You really encouraged teamwork among us, which really brought us together. I have learned things you cannot learn within the four walls of a classroom. I have learned a new meaning to life” Lien, Houston, TX

“Mike and Tamsin were exceptional leaders – very people-oriented, patient, willing to answer questions in-depth, had things well organized, while also allowing freedom and fun, energized people.” Sarah, Missoula, MT

“I love new experiences and this was definitely a great time. New scenery, new friends, new knowledge” Lisa, Austin, TX